Blushing Feminine

Bloom & Wellness

Dried Flowers – Meaningful Connection – Life Coaching: These are a few of my favourite things.

I’m Desley, and Blushing Feminine Bloom n Wellness is the space I’ve grown to share my favourite things with you. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful dried floral arrangement to fill a space in your home or work, or you’re searching for more meaning in your life – that’s what Blushing Feminine Bloom n Wellness is all about.

From my studio in Christchurch, I create unique, eye-catching dried flower arrangements, and I also connect with women, through in-person and online sessions, to help them discover what their heart is signing out for, and create a life they love. If you’d like to connect with your inner feminine, but you have no idea where to start – let me show you how below:



Every order of dried flowers makes my day! Making dried flower art to share with you is my happy place. Creating with flora, I feel that I can truly express myself. I love everything pretty, pink and floral, and I arrange every order intuitively. I hope that you can feel how sacred this process is to me when your order arrives at your door, and I hope you love your posies as much as I love making them into art for you. 

Let me make your day! 


It’s important to me to hold space for myself, and the beautiful people around me, to connect with, and honour themselves. As an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, I want to empower you to listen to your inner voice, trust your inner wisdom, follow your passions and desires, and live an extraordinary life. I would love to guide you on your journey to give back to yourself, embrace your feminine power, and bloom into your most authentic self too. So, what is that little voice inside you trying to say? Are you ready to bloom?

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Education
  • ICF-certified Professional Transformative Coach
  • 10 plus years in leadership roles in the Education Sector
  • 10 plus years of professional supervision
  • “Dare to Lead” trained
  • Bachelor of Business courses completed
  • Sisterhood Circle Trained Global Sisterhood
  • 5 years personal psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Creating Positive Change


-Tony Morrison



I want to send you this message to thank you for our coaching session the other day. As you know, that was a first for me and I was a tad nervous but the way you listened so intently made me feel so comfortable and at ease with all that I wanted to chat about. I really loved the resource you presented using the 1-10 scale and how you had me reflect on the huge difference between my 6 vs my 4. It really made me think hard and change my perspective around that particular topic we covered which I’ve reflected on a few times now – so thank you!

Through Desley’s coaching and empowerment I was able to get past hurdles that were stopping me to move forward in studying. With her support and guidance, I was able to reflect on how and what I was doing and what I could do to get past the mental block I had put up for myself. Thank you Desley, I truly appreciated the way you really made me think and reflect on how I could support my own thoughts around this.