You love me, you love me not… 

Which dried flowers will you fall in love with?

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your space, something that evokes a sense of calm and looks beautiful. How about a dried floral vase? Maybe you want to give the perfect gift to show your appreciation or commemorate a special occasion with something that will be cherished for years to come. How about a dried flower bouquet? Or perhaps you’re looking to get yourself something special and connect with your inner feminine. How about a posy? Enjoy the offerings below, and feel free to fill your pocket full of posies.


Do you deliver?


Occasionally your arrangement may experience a small amount of shedding in transit, but I take every precaution when wrapping your order to ensure it gets to you safely, wherever in New Zealand you are. If you’re local to Christchurch and would like to pick up your order, or if you have concerns about shipping to your address, feel free to reach out.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping may differ depending on the weight and size of your order. 

If you are local, you are welcome to pick up your order for no additional cost. 

Where are the flowers from?

Wherever possible, I forage for beautiful flowers and dry them myself. I have a flower garden, and my friends and family also offer their flowers when they have something pretty growing in their gardens that they’d like to share. 

I dream of expanding my garden so that I know where each flower is from. For now, when it’s not possible to keep up with demand, especially during the colder months, I source flowers from growers. Sustainability and community are important to me, so I always try to keep things local, support other Christchurch flower businesses, and reduce my use of preserved flowers where I can. 

How long will the flowers last?

If properly cared for, your blooms will stay beautiful for many years to come. Learn how to keep your dried flowers looking as fresh as a daisy below

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! If you can’t find a dried flower arrangement that fits your needs or style, I would love to create a custom order just for you. 

If you don’t see an arrangement that suits you perfectly, I love making custom orders – just sing out!

Or, if you’re interested in making your own arrangements, join one of our Dried Floral Arrangement Workshops here.


How to tend to your dried flowers:

  1. Protect your blooms from the elements – display dried flowers indoors only.
  2. Avoid getting your dried flowers wet, or leaving them in a high-humidity area. 
  3. Keep your dried flowers out of direct sunlight. This helps them keep their colour, and stops them from getting too brittle and shedding. 
  4. Remove dust from your blooms with a hairdryer using its slowest speed, and lowest heat settings. 
  5. Handle with care. Dried flowers are delicate, being gentle with them will reduce shedding and allow you to enjoy your display for many years to come.